Thursday, March 6, 2008

One more test!

Things are starting to wind down over here- we have our final tomorrow, so today is a study day. I am also trying to gather as much footage and photos as I can. Hopefully, I will be able to photograph each of the twenty some students, and provide even more film of the chapel and worship services. On Sunday we will attend the English speaking church here on campus (served by a German missionary- only in South Africa!), and the Ft. Wayne students will be singing- our second choral experience of the trip, as we also sung for the students at the boy's school in Themba.

The fluid nature of this campus is very intriguing. On Monday, more Ugandans will be arriving, replacing the Americans. When new students come, they are just plugged into classes, meaning that Greek and Hebrew has to move very slowly to accomidate students arriving on campus at different times. The classes and professors are also very fluid. Dr. Rast is done on Friday, along with Dr. Arkilla from Finland. We will all leave, leaving just one guest professor, who will stay until another LCMS theologian arrives. The students and staff have to be very flexible, but this flexibility allows them to bring in students from all over Africa and instructors from all over the world. For an organized American (of German descent), this was very tough to adjust to, but I think I have done it, only to return to the structured seminary life in Fort Wayne in less than a week. My time has been great here and I have learned so much- thank you for your support, thoughts and prayers!

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