Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I thought I might talk a bit about our food situation here in South Africa. It really is quite similar to the U.S. We've eaten at a couple of fast food restaurants (even a McDonalds) and a couple nicer restaurants, and the menus are not very different at all. They have burgers, steak, and even pizza. The other night, a couple guys ate antelope and ostrich, but that has been the biggest difference. One of the more 'local' things we have had is a corn meal dish that is very popular amonst the students. They cook the ground meal and then put a beef sauce over it. They also eat a lot of rice and veggies. It looks very good, and they spend a lot of time cooking.

During the week, the nice people at St. Paul's Lutheran Church down the street (a German-speaking congregation) have provided hot lunches. We have had a few more 'South African' casseroles, but a lot of it has been similar- stroganoff, lasagna, etc. In the evenings we cook for ourselves, but even that isn't too terribly exotic (we will probably have hamburgers tonight). One thing that I have really liked has been 'borwors.' This dish is a seasoned sausage that is popular around the country, and is especially good for cooking out- mmmm!

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