Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A student's life in South Africa

Well, the seminary is now up to three computers with internet- the promised library internet connection was established late last night. Just in the past month or so, the students and faculty (and guests) have moved into the future, with internet access and a projector screen for one of the classrooms. These improvements will really help the students as they prepare to serve our Lord all over Africa...

Our schedule is pretty laid back- My roommate gets up a bit after six, because he has class at 7:35. Our class starts at 8:20, so I am up at 7:30ish to get ready. We have class until 10, then chapel (from the LCMS's Lutheran Service Book) After that, I am sitting in on a class on the history of the Christian Church in Africa being taught by another guest, Dr. Arkilla from Finland. We eat a hot meal at the German Lutheran Church down the street, graciously provided by the people of that congregation. The afternoon is then given toward studying, shopping, and relaxing. The weather is beautiful, so I have done most of those activities under a shade tree. The supermarket was quite an experience- the prices are comparable, but the conversion rate keeps messing me up. When I pay 150 for something it seems like a lot, but it really is only about $23 or so. We could find almost anything we would want there, and they are really efficient. Overall, life here takes some adjusting, but it has been fun, and I have learned so much from our hosts. Tomorrow I think I will try to comment on the country as a whole, then maybe the next day on the seminary facility (they have big plans!). Stay tuned and take care!

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