Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting ready to go...

Well, I found out yesterday that the seminary campus I will be at in Pretoria has great wireless access (though I am not bringing my laptop) and one computer, with the potential of three more in the library. I'm thinking that if I could get to one of those computers every other day for at least fifteen minutes, I can type up quick updates...we'll see how well that works.

By the way, the computers and wireless access are the result of generous work by supporters of Tshwane Seminary here in the U.S. Our library director here in Ft. Wayne just spent several weeks down there setting up their new technology and teaching the students and staff how to use it. He also evaluated their library, with the result that we will all be bringing books over. It is great to see our seminary and other folks working together with an African seminary to train pastors for the Lutheran churches all over the continent!

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