Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm here!!

Well, I have made it safely to the seminary in Pretoria, after a looooong flight and a very busy weekend. South Africa is absolutely beautiful, and we were able to see a lot of the scenery as we drove from place to place in the eastern part of the country. I would like to tell you all about our entire weekend, but there is so much to tell that it might have to wait until I return (there is a line behind me for the one computer on campus with internet access). The one thing I will say is that yesterday we attended church at a boys school in Themba- a service in Zulu (the pastor did translate his sermon for us). Can you imagine a church full of boys aged from kindergarten to twelth grade sitting still for two and a half hours? Neither could I, until yesterday. As the pastor who was with us said, they would have stayed all day if they were able to. It was a great experience, and hopefully you will have the opportunity to see the pictures and video from it.

The seminary is great- I am staying with a Zulu South African, but students are from all over the continent (Uganda, Ghana, Sudan, Liberia, etc.). It has been great to meet all of these guys- they are a lot of fun! Tomorrow and the rest of the week we have class and general ''hanging out" scheduled. As I said, there is only one computer currently hooked up to the internet, so I will try my best to keep posting. Take care!

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