Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December school newsletter article

From the Vicar,
This summer, Mrs. Roseboom approached me and asked if I had any ideas for mission projects that the children could support. One idea that came to mind was Deaconess Pat Nuffer, who serves in Sudan. Her husband, Professor Nuffer, runs the vicarage program at the seminary I attend. Several years ago, Professor Nuffer was part of a group of American Lutheran pastors who traveled to Sudan in Eastern Africa. This trip started a connection between Mrs. Nuffer and the Lutheran Church there. Sudan is a deeply troubled country on the dividing line between Muslim Africa and Christian Africa, and being on the border can be very dangerous and hard.
Deaconess Nuffer’s primary goal in Sudan is to provide mercy. She has done this by establishing a training center in Yambio in southern Sudan for people with disabilities. In Sudan, there is no support for those with physical or developmental disabilities, and so this center exists to serve them both with the Gospel and training that helps these people provide for themselves. The skills they learn and the products they make help to support both the center itself and the people it serves. But this is not just a social program- each day begins with bible study and teaching. In addition, this center in Yambio acts as a distribution point for a variety of materials that support the people and church of Sudan. She gives out kits to school children and materials to Sudan’s pastors. I had the opportunity to send my old laptop to Sudan last year, where it is hopefully helping a pastor to serve the Church. Several full-time employees run the center, while Deaconess Nuffer supports its work from the U.S. and travels to Sudan several times a year, bringing these goods to the people there.
Now that you have heard about the wonderful work that Deaconess Nuffer is doing for the people of Sudan, how can you help? Well, the children at Zion Lutheran School have an opportunity for you! They are collecting materials to put into ‘hygiene kits’ that will be distributed to people in need. In the past couple newsletters we have had a list of what she is collecting- I think you will find that a lot of the items are things that you can easily give away. We are also accepting monetary donations to support her work. Mrs. Nuffer’s greatest expense is shipping all the materials that she collects here in the U.S. to Sudan, where it can be used. For more information, ask me or go to Deaconess Nuffer’s website: www.handsofmercymission.org God’s blessings on your week!
In Christ,
Vicar Maronde

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